Gallant Cart Autonome for 5 instruments

Mobile dental unit on a wheel frame with antistatic wheels, braking devices and protection against damage to walls.

Technical characteristics

Supply voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Water consumption not more than 60 ml / min from the distilled water system
Compressed air network pressure 4,5-6 Bar
Maximum power consumption 1100 VА
Maximum load on the instrument table 2 kg
Noise level when the compressor is on 59 dB
Noise level when the unit is switched on 59-60 dB
Noise level when the unit and compressor are switched on ≤60 dB
Weight 60 kg
Overall dimensions 775 х 442 х 860 mm

Manufacturer :
Basic version

Soundproof cabinet on wheels with the built-in:
DK 50 compressor with a stainless steel tank of 5 l and a condensate separator with automatic condensate drain;
suction system, including dust and saliva ejector, suction unit with bactericidal filter and 5-liter container for secretions;
doctor console with lower delivery of hoses.

Doctor console with lower delivery of hoses:

(maximum for 5 instruments)
3-way syringe DCI;
one turbine pneumatic line (silicone hose);
wheel frame with antistatic wheels and devices to prevent damage to the walls;
distilled water system with a capacity of 2 liters;
dental unit control panel with power adjustment of all dynamic instruments;
foot control.

Additional technical characteristics:
Maximum current
7,7 А
Average power consumption :
- doctor console
140 VА
- compressor DK 50
550 VА
- suction unit V250
415 VА
- in standby mode
20 VА
- in operating mode
200 VА
Operating mode
- suction unit V250
repeated-short-term - S3-60%
- compressor DK 50
continuous - S1
Additional options
Pneumatic line without lighting
Pneumatic line with lighting
OPTIMA MX2 int (40 programs) micromotor
Second OPTIMA MX2 micromotor
MX2 LED micromotor
Second MX2 LED micromotor
MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor
Second MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor
Xinetic scaler without light with 3 tips
FS-433 Е-1 Piezon built-in kit (EMS)
FS-367 Kit Piezon LED No Pain (EMS)
Newtron F55235 Scaler with LED with 3 tips
Mini LED сuring lamp for incorporation
DCI 3 way syringe
MINIMATE 3 way syringe
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe
MINILIGHT 6 way syringe
MINIBRIGHT LED 6 way syringe
Big table with silicone mat
Pneumatic foot control
Multifunctional foot control FARO
Multifunctional foot control FARO wireless

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