Gallant Autonome (mini)

Gallant Autonome is the ideal solution for clinics where communication is not possible.

Basic version

Stationary cuspidor unit, including: dryer with filter and automatic condensate drain built in cuspidor unit; distilled water system 2 l. (switchable with city water); vertical round rack for dentist console fixation on the short horizontal lever and the dental lamp with straight lever;
Modern design dentist console with upper /lower delivery of hoses, including: electronic regulation of spray; rotary arm with pneumatic brake; control panel to control chair and unit operation, with adjustment of all dynamic instruments power; two handles with one pneumo break button for adjustment dentist console position;
ECO NEXT patient chair (Tecnodent), including: completely electromechanical lifting and movements of backrest; program to reset to “0” position; foot control on chair base; safety stop on base; safety stop on backrest; wide backrest of chair; UNI headrest.

Manufacturer :
Gallant Autonome (mini)

Fully autonomous installation with built-in oil-free compressor and diaphragm dehumidifier, without aspiration system.
Meets the highest standards of safety and hygiene according to European standards.
Dry, clean air from the compressor with a filtration of 0.1 μm without bacteria, viruses, fungi complies with European safety directives.

Dentist console options
Pneumatic line without lighting
Pneumatic line with lighting
OPTIMA MX2 int (40 programs) micromotor
Second OPTIMA MX2 micromotor
MX2 LED micromotor
Second MX2 LED micromotor
MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor
Second MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor
Xinetic scaler without light with 3 tips
FS-433 Е-1 Piezon built-in kit (EMS)
FS-367 Kit Piezon LED No Pain (EMS)
Newtron F55235 Scaler with LED with 3 tips
Mini LED сuring lamp for incorporation
MINIMATE 3 way syringe
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe
DCI 3 way syringe
Big table with silicone mat
Heater for water for dental instruments
Flushing function for hoses of doctor instruments and electronic spray adjustment function
Pneumatic foot control
Multifunctional foot control FARO
Multifunctional foot control FARO wireless
ECO NEXT patient chair options
Left rotary detachable armrest
Right rotary detachable armrest
Magnetic pillow for flat headrest
Trendelenburg Function (simultaneous lifting of legs by 15 degrees while lowering chair backrest by 90 degrees)
Replacing the armchair upholstery on SOFT FORM
Additional three programs for chair
Seat matt
Narrow backrest of chair (only for ECO NEXT)
Options for cuspidor unit
Monitor attachment rotory arm
Napkin holder
Water heater for cuspidor cup filler
On-floor plate for attachment of dental unit and chair
Exclude cuspidor bowl
FARO MAIA dental LED light
FARO ALYA dental LED light
FARO EVA dental LED light
Service lines
Communication supply system under the chair
Communication supply system under the cuspidor unit (only for stationary dental unit)

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