Brand New NO STRESS Concept

This one-of-a-kind concept was created to make the lives of dentists, patients, and technicians easier. This concept is appropriate for dentistry, surgery, veterinary, cosmetic medicine and study centers.

The No Stress concept includes

Suction unit to choose from:  
– Mobi Suc Easy suction unit 1 pc
– Mobi Suc Combi suction unit
Patient chair to choose from:  
– Eco Next patient chair 1 pc
– 2009 Next patient chair
GALIT Cart Autonome 1 pc
Dental light 1 pc

Manufacturer :
Benefits of No Stress Concept for Dentists:

● Your dental office does not require reconstruction and service lines – save your time and money.
● Medical equipment can be easily moved between treatment rooms or clinics, if the circumstances require so.
● Perfect for small treatment rooms – the comfort of your practice does not depend on the size of your room.
● Autonomous equipment provides easy maintenance without interruption in your work.
● Can be tailor-made for specific treatments in various areas: dentistry, surgery, veterinary, cosmetic medicine and study centers.
● Simple and stylish design.

dental unit from galit
Benefits of No Stress Concept for Patients:

● The doctor’s and assistant’s mobile blocks are designed in such a way, which allows them to be hidden among other medical furniture and from the patient’s view. This creates a comfortable environment for any patient, regardless of age.
● The mobile blocks are designed to meet the highest ergonomic standards and advanced technologies, as well as to reduce noise and improve air quality.
● The configuration of medical equipment facilitates quick and thorough disinfection.

Benefits of No Stress Concept for Technicians:

● The module system allows for simple and quick installation.
● Technical assistance is available immediately.
● Every service point is easily accessible.

GALIT Cart Autonome

● Compact and mobile GALIT Cart Autonome with the usual instrument control panel.
● Built-in oil-free compressor.
● Modern wheel frame for transportation.
● The control panel’s extensive functionality allows the doctor to perform treatment in the most comfortable conditions.

GALIT Cart Autonome Specifications
Supply Voltage
220 V / 50 Hz
Water consumption
not more than 90 ml/min from clean water systems
Compressed air network pressure
4.5 - 6 Bar
Maximum power consumption
1100 VA
Maximum load on the instrument table
2 Kg
Noise level when compressor is turned on
52 dB
62 Kg
755 х 470 х 875 mm
Mobi Suc Easy & Mobi Suc Combi

During medical procedures, the Mobi Suc Easy and Mobi Suc Combi mobile suction pumps are designed to remove fluids or air from the patient’s mouth.

● Compact module size.
● Mobile due to the presence of a wheel frame.
● Reduced noise level during operation.
● No additional maintenance required.
● Maximum suction flow 1100 l/min.
● By filtering up to 99.9% of the air in the dental office, the bactericidal HEPA filter (H14) protects against viruses and bacteria.

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