Gallant Cart-5 (W&H)

Doctor console with lower delivery of hoses (maximum for 5 instruments)

Technical characteristics

Supply voltage 220 В / 50 Hz
Water supply network pressure 3-4 kg/cm²
Water consumption up to 10 l/min*
Compressed air network pressure 5,5-8 kg/сm2
Compressed air consumption 30-70 l/min*
Maximum current consumption 5 А
Average power consumption:
– doctor console 140 VА
– in standby mode 20 VА
– in operating mode 200 VА
Weight 30-40 kg*
Overall dimensions 615х605х870 mm

Manufacturer :
Basic version:

doctor console with lower delivery of hoses (maximum for 5 instruments);
MINIMATE 3 way syringe;
scaler LED PB-5L W&H;
2x micromotors EM 12L W&H з LED світлом (100-40000об/min);
turbine pneumatic line with light;
W&H display for instruments control (power, light, cooling, programming of instruments parameters);
W&H multifunctional foot control.

Doctor console with lower delivery of hoses:

(maximum for 5 instruments)

wheel frame with antistatic wheels and devices to prevent damage to the walls;
unit for air preparation, power unit that are built in column of CART;
distilled water system (2 l.) switchable with city water;
big table with silicone mat.

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