The mobile doctor console with 5 instruments GALIT Cart-5 with excellent ergonomics and design, improved with an intelligible and intuitive touch screen.

The home page contains even more features:

  • chair control;
  • glass filling with water;
  • spittoon flushing;
  • two modes of instruments flushing with water (short-term – 20 seconds and long-term – 2 minutes);
  • screen locking;
  • Operating light activation;
  • timer;
  • assistant call.

The touchscreen panel contains general screen settings (screen brightness, date and time) as well as operative settings (foot control behaviour setting, Instruments light intensity setting for motors and turbines, Torque unit selection).

When you take an instrument out of the holder, the selected instrument control window automatically appears on the display.

For the turbine the following are available:

  • the speed regulation;
  • water adjustment for bur cooling.

For MX2 micro motor the following are available:

  • selection of the tip for the appropriate procedure;
  • speed and torque regulation;
  • reverse;
  • amount of water for bur cooling;

In addition, it is possible to adjust up to 40 programs for endofunction and possibility to add a program for Reciproc.

For the scaler the following are available:

  • the selection of the operating mode ;
  • changing the power of the scaler;
  • switching on and adjusting the water amount for cooling.

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