If you do not have any opportunity to visit us, please visit our showrooms online.
We present 4 dental units:

Gallant Omnipratique;
Gallant Pro;
Gallant Console;
Gallant Ambidextre.

Mobile doctor console units:

• Gallant Cart-5;
 Gallant Cart Autonome.

In addition to the Gallant dental units, on our 3-D tour, look at:

Dental furniture of our own production, Mercury line;
Sterilization equipment manufactured by Melag and Enbio companies;
Compressors and 3 soundproof cabinets (large, medium, small);
Mobile suction units Mobi Suc Easy and Mobi Suc Combi;
3 types of aspiration systems are clearly demonstrated: system of wet type and dry type and Hugosuc – automatic cleaning and disinfection system.