Ergonomic and practical Gallant Cart Autonome.

This is a unique dental unit in terms of design and functionality:

Main advantages:

  • built-in oil-free compressor;
  • modern wheel frame for transportation;
  • no pipes for bringing service lines. Move mobile autonomous devices between offices in your dental practice when the same is required by circumstances;

Technical specifications
Power 220 В / 50 Hz
Water consumption not more than 90 ml / min. from the Distilled Water System
Pressure of the compressed air network 4,5-6 Bar
Maximum current:
– operating 3 А
– starting 4 А
Average power consumption:
– doctor table 140 VА
– compressor DK 50 550 VА
– in standby mode 20 VА
– work mode 200 VА
Operating mode:
– compressor DK 50 long – S1
Maximum power consumption 1100 VА
Maximum load on the tool table 2 kg
Noise level with compressor on 52 dB
Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 755 х470х875 cm